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Did You Know that Side Sleeping is the #1 Natural Sleep Position as Described by Doctors and Scientists?  This lateral sleep position promotes our body’s natural restorative properties during sleep which is critical to our overall health and well-being.  

Side sleeping (lateral position) is scientifically proven to benefit our health.  The following 4 studies published by the National Institute of Health confirm for us the health and wellness benefits of side sleep.

1) Sleep Apnea Relief with Side Sleep Study;  

2) Gastroesophageal Reflux Relief with Side Sleep Study;  

3) Brain Health, Circulation and Cleanse with Side Sleep Study;  

4) Cardiovascular Health and Lateral (Side) Sleep Positioning Study

KCE Bed is the innovative redesign of the adjustable bed created for effortless side sleep.  With a back and front section design, the bed elevates the back section for full body support and the front section for body alignment.  This design provides for an embrace-like sensation as well as your back rests against the elevated mattress.  Your body is aligned, hips with shoulders, as the front section is elevated to your specific comfort position.  

The health and wellness benefits we experience from side sleep are many!  Enjoy the amazing comfort sleeping on KCE Bed and experience: 

  • Snoring relief as side position opens airways
  • Sleep Apnea relief as side position opens airways     
  • Acid Reflux reduced as stomach acid remains in stomach area       
  • Heartburn reduced as stomach acid remains in stomach area      
  • Body Cleanse from increased circulation 
  • High Blood Pressure reduced       
  • Body Aches reduced as body is in alignment
  • Anxiety reduced as embrace-like sensation calms       
  • Depression reduced as embrace-like sensation comforts             

In the 1970s, as watching TV and reading in bed increased in popularity, adjustable beds were introduced into the residential market.  While users could adjust the angle of their heads and feet, the beds promoted back sleeping, doing little to ease a myriad of health problems known to negatively impact sleep.  KCE Bed was created to ease sleep disturbing issues by providing a comfortable and effortless side sleep experience.    

Visit our Sleep Studies & Blog page for articles and studies detailing the health and wellness benefits of side sleep.

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Logic Behind the KCE Bed Design

KCE Bed, the side sleeping bed, adjusts the elevation of the mattress from the side for effortless side sleeping comfort.  The design of the back side section provides full body support and an embrace-like sensation that is both calming and comfortable.  The design of the front side section allows for the alignment of the hips with the shoulders placing you in a position without body strain.  

The side sleeping and aligned positioning offers support which eliminates pressure points and body strain, opens airways, improves circulation which results in body cleanse, and provides an all-around better night’s rest.  Intentionally built with slow moving motors to allow you to easily find your specific comfort position.  Using the wireless remote control each side adjusts independently or simultaneously. 

Recommended by Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Victoria J Vislosky. 

Construction of the KCE Bed

KCE Bed is a quality product and not mass-produced.  Using quality steel that is powder-coated for long-lasting protection in a stylish appearance. This adjustable bed is equipped with supportive wood slats that are spaced for airflow. Intentionally assembled with slow-moving motors to allow you to find your perfect embracing sleep position. Provided with a wireless remote-control system for ease of use to raise or lower each side simultaneously or independently.  

Mattress Suggestions for KCE Bed

There are a great many mattresses on the market today that will function properly with your KCE Bed and embrace you into a good night’s sleep!  We understand that your mattress selection depends on personal preference which is why we researched the types of mattresses that will function with your KCE Bed and leave the selection and purchase up to you.  

Mattresses that are made using layers of high-quality memory foam or latex are a suggestion.  These mattresses should also have a dense support base layer that does not exceed 6 inches to allow for the mattress to bend and embrace you with the KCE Base as you adjust the bed to your comfort position.      

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

KCE Bed, Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed, by Kind and Ethical Inc. is a family-owned & operated small business in the State of Florida. 

KCE Bed is currently for sale at our home office located at 241 Shirley Drive, Largo, FL 33770.    

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