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Effortless Lateral Positioning Adjustable Bed for Health

KCE (Kind Cuddle Embrace) Bed

Adjustable Queen Bed
This patented design solves the need for effortless Lateral Positioning.  With a back and front section design, the bed elevates the back section for full-body support and the front section for body alignment. This design provides for an embrace-like sensation as the user’s back rests against the elevated mattress.  User’s body is aligned, hips with shoulders, as the front section is elevated to their specific comfort position. 


More than 1/3 of American Couples sleep in separate beds with the goal of a ‘good night’s sleep’.  As we focus on healthy lifestyles now, this trend is no-doubt worldwide.  The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recently published an article on the growing number of couples who choose to sleep solo for their sleep health.   

American Academy of Sleep Medicine – Couples Sleep Trend Study

Today News – Couples Sleep Trend Story

Following are a few of the published scientific studies which demonstrate the health benefits of lateral sleep positioning:

1) NIH Study – Sleep Apnea Relief with Lateral Sleep Positioning 

2) NIH Study – Sleep Apnea, Epiglottic collapse was virtually abolished with lateral positioning and ventilation increased by 45% compared to supine position 

3) Lateral Sleep Position – Normal Body Mass and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

4) Healio Study – Gastroesophageal Reflux Relief with Lateral Sleep Positioning  

5) NIH Study – Brain Health with Lateral Sleep Positioning  

6) NIH Study – Cardiovascular Health and Lateral Sleep Positioning

7) NIH Study – Psychology of the Embrace

8) NIH Study – High-Risk Pregnancy and Left Lateral Positioning

9) NIH – Importance of Sleep Health 

Photo Gallery, KCE Bed, the Side Sleeping Bed

Sleep Disturbing Issues Relieved with this Unique Design

  • Gastrointestinal Disease – Left lateral positioning keeps gastric juices below the esophagus
  • Snoring / Sleep Apnea – Airways open naturally while in the left lateral sleep position
  • High Blood Pressure – Left lateral sleep positioning relieves high blood pressure 
  • High-Risk Pregnancy – Physicians promote the left lateral position for circulation to the fetus
  • Zero-gravity position is attained as body weight is evenly distributed lessening pressure points
  • The embrace-like sensation provides a calming support which aids in fall risk

Mattress Suggestions for KCE Bed

There are a great many mattresses on the market today that will function properly with KCE Bed.  Mattress selection depends on the proposed patient demographic to be served.  

Mattresses that are made using high-quality memory foam or latex are a suggestion.  The mattress should have a dense support base layer that does not exceed 6 inches to allow for the mattress to bend and embrace the user when the KCE Bed base adjusts to the specific comfort position.      

Side Sleeping Bed

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