Welcome to the KCE Website


Welcome to the KCE Website

Home to the One-Of-A-Kind Side Sleeping Bed

Did you know that side sleeping is the #1 sleep position recommended by doctors and scientists?

Meet the KCE Bed, the one-of-a-kind bed that’s actually designed for side sleeping.  Unlike other beds that have you sleeping on your back and only adjust to raise your head and feet, the KCE bed allows for the elevation of the mattress from side to side as well.

When the mattress is elevated and the sleeper rests against the back of the mattress, it creates an embrace-like sensation that is both comfy and natural.  This in turn offers extra support for the sleeper’s back, helps eliminate pressure points, and gives the sleeper an all-around better night’s rest with more energy to face the day. 

There are many more benefits to side sleeping, and we’ve listed them in detail throughout our website.  We know how challenging it can be to get a good night’s sleep, and that is what motivated us to research and design the KCE Bed for maximum comfort and effectiveness.    

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Logic Behind the KCE Bed Design

The front section of the bed can be raised to a maximum angle of 15 degrees.  This section of the bed is independently adjustable, and is used to roll and support the human body.

The back section of the bed can be raised to maximum angle of 75 degrees.  This section of the bed is also independently adjustable and is used to support the back of the human body.

Features of Front Section:

  • Tilts head back to allow open airway
  • Aligns shoulders with hips to help straighten spine
  • Lifts knees when bent to help align hips
  • Offers needed support during pregnancy
  • Helps relieve strain from excess body weight

Features of Back Section:

  • Offers full support from head to toe
  • Helps straighten spine by aligning shoulders to hips

Construction of the KCE Bed

KCE products are Invented, designed and patented in the United States.

KCE’s side sleeping mattress is custom designed to operate with the matching bed base. The body supporting mattress is made of a dense foam base with a memory foam layer on top. Coming in a standard thickness of 8 inches its core is protected by a durable, attractive and comfortable cover that is easily removable for cleaning. Shipped in its original flat form in order to prevent early breakdown of the foams. Not rolled and shrink wrapped for shipping like many other mattresses. This mattress is considered a firm.

KCE’s side sleeping bed base is made of a quality steel that is powder coated for long lasting protection and a stylish appearance. It is equipped with supportive wood slats that are spaced to help provide airflow for a cooling effect. Intentionally assembled with slow moving motors to allow you to find your perfect embracing sleep position. Provided with a wireless remote system for ease of use.

Both sides of the KCE bed lower automatically in the event of a temporary power loss provided as a standard safety feature.

The KCE side sleeping bed currently comes in full and queen size. Both sizes stand a total of 24 inches from floor for easy accessibility.