63 Percent of Happy Couples Sleep Separately

Research shows that many happy healthy marriages have the couples actually sleeping in separate beds.  Attached is a terrific article published by NBC News on the topic of Sleeping in Separate Beds is the Best Thing for a Happy Marriage.


Quote from this article:  “In 14 years of marriage, we’ve probably only slept in the same bed a few dozen times, usually because of hotel stays or vacation house rentals. If there’s any rub in our current sex life, it’s preteens who stay up too late, not our separate bedrooms.

Every few years, a study comes out with findings about the sleep problems associated with couples sharing a bed or how many couples don’t actually co-sleep, like 2013 research from the University of California, Berkeley, that found a poor night’s sleep together can make couples fight more during the day, or a 2017 Better Sleep Council survey finding that 63 percent of couples sleep most of the night separated.”

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Sleep Well,

The KCE Bed Team

Happy couple waking up refreshed from a good night’s rest!

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