KCE Story

The KCE Bed Story
Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed

How the Innovative Redesign of the Adjustable Bed for Lateral Sleep Positioning Came to Be!

The idea for the KCE Bed came to me when visiting my son, Gavin, out-of-state one weekend. 
At the time Gavin lived in a minimalist-style studio apartment with the sofa being the guest sleeping space.  As I usually found myself sleeping on the sofa at home, rather than stay at a hotel, I slept on Gavin’s.  His sofa was deep-seated with overstuffed removable pillows – and it was incredibly comfortable.

Awakening the next morning, after having slept so comfortably, the idea came to me and I said, “This needs to be a bed!

Gavin and I started discussing why so many people we know, including ourselves, prefer to sleep on a sofa.  We recognized the design creates an embrace-like sensation, provides back support, body alignment, and effortless side sleep positioning.  

We discovered scientific studies that demonstrate several health benefits of lateral positioning.  The lateral sleep position 1) opens airways reducing obstructive sleep apnea 2) keeps gastric juices in the stomach relieving ailments such as acid reflux and GERD 3) lowers blood pressure 4) increases circulation 5) and the embrace-like sensation calms anxiety.  These studies are found on the National Institute of Health website:  https://www.nih.gov/

Upon returning home, I went on a search for a lateral sleep positioning adjustable bed base.  The available adjustable beds all raised at the head and foot.  

I thought “Think of how many people would benefit from this new bed design“.  I got out my sketch pad and started drawing the design of the lateral sleep positioning adjustable bed base.  And so, the KCE Bed story began.  

We continue to research published studies on health benefits of the lateral sleep position published by the scientific community and are amazed as the list continues to grow!  

The history and timeline of the adjustable bed:


1874 The Andrew Wuest and Son’s, Cincinnati Ohio bed company, medical moveable bed frame made its debut. The 1800s version elevated the head.

1909 Dr. Gatch creates Gatch Bed. The purpose was to prevent patients from the risk of infection, no longer in the single position of lying flat during recovery. The Gatch Bed split into three separate sections, each section able to be positioned as needed according to the patient’s specific needs.

1900s George Ryerson Fowler saw the need to allow for the bed to adjust to moving even more, up to a 90-degree angle, to what is now known as Fowler’s position. This position permits the head of the bed to be raised up to a 90-degree right angle to allow for easier patient feeding, breathing, and grooming, along with better drainage after certain procedures.

1974 as TV and reading in bed rose in popularity the adjustable bed was introduced to the residential consumer. The design promoted back sleeping, doing little to ease a myriad of health problems known to negatively impact sleep.

2017 The innovative redesign of the adjustable bed base for lateral sleep positioning, branded KCE Bed, Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed, was invented. This redesign of the adjustable bed was designed for home health use and the natural wellness benefits we experience while sleeping in a lateral position. Inventors & Utility Patent Owners, Mary Ann Schell and Gavin Wilson, Tampa, FL USA.

KCE Bed Team:    Gavin Wilson and Mary Ann Schell