KCE Story

The KCE Company Story

How my company became a reality

The idea for the KCE Bed came to me one weekend while I was out-of-state visiting my son, Gavin. 

At the time he was living in a minimalist-style studio apartment.  That meant the only place available for me to sleep was Gavin’s couch.  The couch was about the size of a short twin bed with a deep base and removable, overstuffed pillows – and it was incredibly comfortable. 

In fact, I slept better on that studio apartment couch for the next three nights than I did in my bed back home.

After the third night I began to wonder why Gavin’s couch was so much more comfortable than my own expensive mattress.  I had managed to go to sleep and wake up in the same position all three nights I slept on it.  Gavin and I debated this topic over breakfast the next morning and a little while later we came to an answer: the design of the couch created an “embracing” effect.  The curves of the couch against my side as I slept gave a heightened level of support, cozy-ness and comfort that allowed me to sleep uninterrupted. 

The more we thought about it, the more sense it made.  It explained why I often chose to sleep on my couch at home – in fact, it explained why many people choose to sleep on their couches.  Especially when they are lonely, sick, or otherwise in need of extra comfort.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing,” I thought, “if there was a bed out there designed to have the embracing effects of a couch?”

As soon as I returned home I went on a search.  I couldn’t find anything that offered what I envisioned.  All the adjustable beds I found only raised at the head and foot.  This type of design still forced you to sleep on your back.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the comforting, embracing experience I had sleeping on the couch – and that it would benefit a great number of other people, too.

I decided since no one had yet invented such a bed, I would have to invent it myself.

The first step was to obtain the patent.  With some research and little help from friends and family I acquired the patent rights.  The next step was trickier: I needed to find someone who could help me design and build the bed. 

I went to a furniture trade show and was lucky enough to find Jose, an expert specialist in the design and manufacturing of adjustable beds.  He saw the potential of my idea for an embracing bed and agreed to be my manufacturer.  The first KCE concept bed came into being, and Gavin – who specializes in Business Operations – agreed to help me launch the KCE Bed on the retail market.

Thanks to the hard work of all three of us, Kind Cuddle Embrace (KCE) Bed has become a reality. It’s my hope that the KCE Bed’s unique embracing effect will help you and many others get the good night’s rest they deserve. 

— Mary Ann Schell, Owner and CEO

Mary Ann Schell

Inventor, Owner, CEO

Gavin Wilson

VP, Business Operations, Sales, Marketing

Jose Meseguer

Design & Manufacturing

Members of:

  • OHCA – Oregon Health Care Association