Adjustable Bed Mattress Selection

Good morning all!

What a fantastic change we’ve implemented for KCE Bed!  Yes, the Sleep International, Theracool memory foam mattress is a great match for KCE Bed, only now we are selling the KCE Bed as a base only.  This allows our customers to take advantage of the many different types of mattresses available on the market today.

We all understand that our mattress selection is a very personal choice based on the preference of firmness and feel which depends on our specific body type.  We are not affiliated with any mattress company, we simply will provide guidance for you in your mattress selection process.  As KCE Bed has 1 single lengthwise hinge-point, a mattress created with several layers will then fold with your KCE Bed base and embrace you into a good night’s sleep.

The type of mattresses that will not function well with the KCE Bed base are hybrid, water, air, coil, spring, and mattresses with a base core layer that is thicker than 6 inches.

There are many high-quality memory foam and high-quality latex mattresses created with a base core layer between 4 to 6 inches thick with additional memory foam or latex layers on top that will function perfectly with KCE Bed.  Oh my goodness, we have a KCE Bed with a firm 6-inch memory foam mattress and have added a feather bed topper that provides for an amazing night’s sleep.

We have many options for mattresses to use with our KCE Beds!

Enjoy your day and may you have a perfect night’s sleep on a KCE Bed,


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