Press Release, the Side Sleeping Bed

Good day everyone,

Following is our most recent press release on the Bedding Industry’s New Product Announcement, KCE Bed, The Side Sleeping Bed:

KCE Bed provides for the many organic wellness benefits we receive as we sleep on our side.  Enjoy the wellness comfort of a KCE Bed!

Side Sleeping is the #1 Natural Sleep Position as Described by Doctors and Scientists. As we sleep in our body’s natural side sleep position we are more comfortable. When we are comfortable we get a better night’s sleep.

KCE Bed’s unique designAdjustable Bed offers:

1) effortless side sleep with an embrace-like sensation
2) calming comfort as the sleeper’s back rests against the elevated mattress

3) aligns hips with shoulders easing spinal and hip strain

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