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Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed Endorsements
The Lateral Sleep Positioning Adjustable Bed for Health
We manufactured the KCE Bed prototype and provided the bed to testers to gather data during the patent process.

As a doctor of Chiropractic for 38 years I had the privilege of discovering the KCE Bed.  I recommend this truly unique comforting side sleep bed providing for the anatomy’s natural sleep position which offers many wellness benefits.  Once you lay down for the night and fold yourself into a KCE Bed you will feel relaxed and cozy allowing for a restful night’s sleep.  Dr. Victoria J Vislocky


My favorite design feature of the KCE Bed is the embrace-like hugging as I sleep.  I am an athletic person and have a couple of disc issues that affect my neck and shoulder causing pain.  While asleep on this side sleeping bed I can rest comfortably as the pressure is relieved and my pain is lessened.  Yes, I sleep soundly because I sleep on the KCE Bed.  Excellent product!    Maria, Florida 

The KCE Bed gives me a great night’s sleep.  The embracing side sleeping really works by lowering my blood pressure, reducing both my acid reflux and my night sweats.  I’ve been using my KCE Bed for 6 months now and my doctor has just lowered my blood pressure meds. This bed is fantastic!  Jerry, California 

The embracing KCE Bed comforts my 12-year old daughter to sleep!  She falls asleep easily now and sleeps through the night.  This bed really is “Kind”.  What a great product for anxiety relief!  Andrew, Florida  

Side Sleeping Bed Adjustable Bed by KCE Bed

I am a 68-year-old woman who has back problems, snoring and trouble sleeping. When I first slept on the KCE bed, I slept throughout the night and woke up without being thirsty.  After the first week of sleeping on the bed I feel like a new person. I do not snore anymore. My back feels slightly better. I am starting to take walks around the block approximately 15 minutes long. The KCE Bed is making a big difference in my life!  Martha, Florida

I love this bed!  I am a side sleeper and have back pain issues.  KCE Bed has allowed me to sleep comfortably throughout the night and I wake up pain free.  Brandy, California

I can picture a big market for this with the boomer generation who, even if they still have their mate, have slept alone for years due to health issues — such as restlessness due to back and neck problems, or sleep apnea. It’s a different concept, that’s for sure. Imagine if chiropractors get behind it!  Carol, California

I have sinus and sleep apnea issues. The KCE bed promotes the best sleeping position to help reduce those issues. I feel so comfortable and secure in the bed. WONDERFUL!!! Give it a try. You will be hooked!  Liz, Florida

I have tried the KCE bed and am a firm believer in the design features it provides. The ability to remain on my side and not roll back and forth is very relieving and comforting all in one package. This bed provides a wide range in contouring pressure relief and support for my joints. The electric base function is quite the option to have when I want a little more relief in certain areas on my hips as this capability allows me to position my spine in a more comfortable and natural alignment. Why was this not developed earlier!!! Thank you KCE Bed for coming into my life!!!!  Robert, Florida

I am grateful for KCE Bed. My acid reflux does not interrupt my sleep any longer. My gastro issues have healed now that I sleep effortlessly on my left side and the stomach acid stays below my esophagus. I am also type A personality with anxiety and have trouble sleeping. I should say I “had” trouble sleeping. Now that I sleep with the embrace and support of KCE Bed I no longer have trouble falling asleep and I sleep throughout the night comfortably.  And I no longer wake up with hands or arms that have lost circulation as this bed provides for body alignment without pressure points. I highly recommend this product!  I am age 63 and am not on any medications, I promote my wellness by lateral sleep positioning with Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed.  Mary Ann, Florida (humble inventor, KCE Bed)