Healthy Habits, Benefits of Hug and Embrace

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Following is a great article on the health benefits of the sensation of a hug or embrace:

Some text from the “” article linked above:

Hugs for Physical Health

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

An action for controlling the blood pressure level is a must to do. As this article described, it will be good to do hugs as an option. Consequently, the oxytocin hormones which help you in lowering the cortisol levels will be released since we do that action. Further, cortisol is the hormone that is beneficial in lowering high blood pressure and release the tension in our body. Also, hugs activate the pressure receptors called Pacinian corpuscles to send a signal to the brain for lowering the blood pressure level.

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2. Lowers Risks of Heart Disease

Studies show that Oxytocin hormones produced by hugs are having many great benefits to our health. One of them is to lower the risks of having heart disease. When the oxytocin works as it decreases the heart rate, it also helps in decreasing blood pressure and cardiac illness. Meanwhile, a study shows that a partner who got hugs during the experiment have a slower heart rate of five beats per minute compared to the partner who did not get a hug. Indeed, a good action will absolutely take you to a great path.

3. Boosts Physical Health

People may consume the best food in order to boost their health. Besides, they are doing exercise routinely to complete their steps for reaching the best life. Meanwhile, hugs are one of the ways that should be taken into account. At this point, hugging is not only a great way to share the love but also it has a role in boosting our physical health as well. This action boosts your emotion then gives you more energy. Moreover, by reducing the risks of certain disease, hugs also takes more parts to boost our healthy life.

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