Is Anxiety Causing You to Loose Sleep?

Good day everyone,

With all of the information coming at us at warp speed, negative news stories, social media information, crazy weather, and much more, it is no wonder we may have trouble sleeping.  Anxiety, worry, and concern combined with a noisy space will cause us to lose sleep.  Health issues also cause us to lose sleep.

A few years ago I made my bedroom into a ‘quiet space’.  The room is calm, low light, no TV or radio or clock.  And now I have the KCE Bed.  Yes, I do have a cell phone in the room.  My sheets are of quality 100% cotton and my bedspread is 100% as well.  I use small pillows as not to strain my neck.  As a side note, I also found good homes for any pets that did not get along calmly at my residence.

Having my home and my bedroom peaceful is a choice and is done so with intention.  And the KCE Bed completes the sleep experience perfectly with its embrace-like comfort.

I do wake up most mornings with a smile realizing that my son and I have created this amazing product for sale.

For several years I suffered from acid reflux and pain as I slept.  The KCE Bed has eliminated my acid reflux.  I can say now that I am able to left, as well as right, side sleep as my acid reflux is healed as a result of sleeping nightly on my KCE Bed for a few months.

I do hope that you find the adjustable bed for side sleep to be as comforting and comfortable as I have found it to be.

In kindness,

Mary Ann

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