KCE Bed Assembly Instructions

KCE Bed Assembly Instructions
Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed
The Lateral Sleep Position Adjustable Bed

Parts Included

  • One bed base
  • One center support beam
  • Two motors
  • Four legs
  • Four plastic washers
  • Six 10mm Allen bolts
  • Ten 10mm lock nuts
  • Twelve 10mm washer
  • Four dowel pins
  • Four bow-tie clips
  • One Remote control
  • Two AAA batteries
  • One power cord
  • One power converter unit
  • One receiver unit
  • One receiver unit cord

Tools Required

  • One 13mm open-end wrench
  • One 5mm Allen wrench
  • One Pair of scissors

Assembly Instructions

  • Remove protective packaging from product
  • Place one plastic washer on threaded end of each leg
  • Screw one leg onto each corner of bed base securing with 1 lock nut per leg
  • Attach center support beam to bed base using bolts, washers & nuts provided
  • Attach LEFT motor to back section of base using dowel pins & bow-tie clips
  • Attach RIGHT motor to front section of base using dowel pins & bow-tie clips
  • Plug left motor cord into HEAD port on receiver unit
  • Plug right motor cord into FOOT port on receiver unit
  • Attach all additional power cords
  • Install AAA batteries into remote control and place mattress on base