How to side sleep on a standard adjustable bed

Following is a recent article from sleep on how to sleep on your side on an adjustable bed.  We at KCE Bed simply must do a better job at getting the word out about our innovative redesign of the adjustable bed for side sleep.  All of these articles that we are easily finding on the Internet speak to how to sleep on your side on an adjustable bed and these many companies appear to be unaware of the KCE Bed.  Let’s get the word out!!

Quote from article:

Do adjustable beds help treat sleep apnea?

Adjustable beds are a good investment for people who suffer from sleep apnea or snoring since they allow you to keep your upper body, head, and neck elevated. Having your upper body raised reduces the chances of your throat muscles relaxing and obstructing airflow. This lift can be achieved with an adjustable bed or a wedge pillow.

For some people, this can help facilitate better breathing and prevent sleep apnea. On the other hand, purchasing an adjustable bed may not be a cure-all for sleep apnea, and you may have to seek further treatment options.

KCE Bed short promotional video:

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