Mattress Suggestions for Your KCE Bed

Good day everyone,

We are not affiliated with any mattress manufacturer. 

We know that mattresses built/manufactured using high-quality memory foam or high-quality latex that has a few layers of memory foam or latex – and a base core layer not exceeding a thickness of 6 inches will function correctly with Your KCE Bed. 

Your mattress selection will be based on personal preference, so please select your mattress carefully.  Enjoy Your KCE Bed for a wellness night’s sleep!

Following are some mattress companies that sell quality mattresses:

Again, we are not affiliated with the following mattress companies, however, they do advertise mattress selections that are of the ‘build’ to work well with Your KCE Bed:

Puffy Mattress:

These are simply suggestions, there are many more mattress companies on the market today.  Enjoy shopping for your coordinating mattress! 

Feeling embraced sleeping on my KCE Bed


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