Mattress Suggestions for Your KCE Bed

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We are not affiliated with any mattress manufacturer.  However, we know what type of memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses will function properly with Your KCE Bed and embrace you into a comfortable wellness sleep.  

There are many mattresses on the market today that will function properly with your KCE Bed and embrace you into a good night’s sleep!  

We understand that your mattress selection depends on personal preference which is why we researched the types of mattresses that will function with your KCE Bed and leave the selection and purchase up to you.  

Mattresses that are made using high-quality memory foam or latex and that have a few layers of memory foam or latex are a suggestion.  These mattresses should also have a base layer that does not exceed 6 inches to allow for the mattress to bend and embrace you with the KCE Base as you adjust the bed to your comfort position.   

A mattress that will not function optimally with your KCE Bed is Hybrid, Coiled, Spring, Water, or Air mattresses.    

Mattresses on the market today usually have a few layers.  The top layer will be breathable, responsive foam that sleeps cool with a hug and bounce for comfort.  These mattresses will have a cover with a slight ‘stretch’ allowing the mattress to bend with an adjustable bed base.  Then the next layer will provide body contouring that provides added comfort relieving back pain, hip and shoulder pressure.  Then the 3rd layer which is again a slightly different foam provides for flexibility and breathability.  The base layer, sometimes referred to as the support layer is the dense memory foam or latex layer that provides support for weight.  This base layer, this support layer should not exceed 6 inches in thickness when used with a KCE Bed, the adjustable bed invented for side sleep.  Also, many of these mattresses will come with a grip base fabric at the under side of the mattress.  This fabric provides for the mattress to grip the adjustable base as the bed is adjusted.  

Enjoy shopping for an amazing mattress to compliment your KCE Bed and experience a comfortable wellness sleep.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

These are simply suggestions, there are many more mattress companies on the market today.  Enjoy shopping for your coordinating mattress! 



There are many mattress manufacturers that sell layered memory foam and layered latex mattresses that also have a base layer that does not exceed 6 inches.  Suggested manufacturers are listed here, although we are not affiliated with any mattress manufacturer:

Puffy Mattress:   

Casper Mattress:

Leesa Mattress:

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