Full KCE Bed - Pewter base - Available again soon

  • KCE Full; Side Sleeping Bed; electric adjustable base with a wireless remote control system (Pewter)
  • Easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions
  • The new design of the adjustable bed invented for your wellness side sleep!


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Full KCE Bed - Pewter base - Available again soon

KCE Bed, Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed, in Full Size – Pewter

    • KCE Full Side Sleeping Bed electric adjustable base with a wireless remote control system (Pewter)
    • Easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions
    • KCE Bed is the new design for the adjustable bed invented for wellness and comfortable side sleep.  This adjustable bed designed for side sleep accommodates left or right side sleepers.
    • If you are a left side sleeper, as most of us are, the left side sleeping angle is placed at the headboard and if you are a right side sleeper the right side sleeping angle is placed at the headboard.
    • KCE Bed adjusts the elevation of the mattress from side to side for your effortless side sleeping comfort.
    • The wireless remote-control system allows for adjustment of either side simultaneously or individually as you find your specific comfort position.
    • As we sleep in our body’s natural side sleep position, conditions such as Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Acid Reflux, Heartburn, GERD, Body Aches & Pains, High Blood Pressure, Body Cleanse, and Anxiety are eased and we are more comfortable.  When we are more comfortable we get a better night’s sleep.
    • KCE Bed, the adjustable bed for side sleep is recommended by Dr. Victoria J Vislosky, DC.
    • When KCE Bed is elevated the sleeper can rest on their side with their back still against the mattress.  This creates an embrace-like sensation that is both comfy and natural.  This in turn offers extra support for the sleeper’s back, helps eliminate pressure points on their side, and gives the sleeper an all-around better night’s rest.
    • Features of the KCE Bed adjustable bed’s unique design:
      • Tilts head back to allow open airway resulting in reduced sleep apnea and snoring.
      • Aligns shoulders with hips to help straighten the spine.
      • Lifts knees to align hips reducing back pain.
      • Aids in the relief of strain for certain body types during weight gain, pregnancy, etc.
      • Offers full support from head to toe.
      • Doctors and scientists describe side sleeping as our body’s natural sleep position and have published several articles detailing the wellness benefits such as increased circulation thus providing for body cleanse and a subsequent myriad of wellness benefits.
      • The embrace-like sensation of this KCE Bed the side sleeping adjustable bed calms anxiety.
  • As with all adjustable bed bases, 2 people are necessary for assembly due to 105 lb weight.  Assembly takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
  • MATTRESS: There are many mattresses on the market today that will function properly with your KCE Bed and embrace you into a good night’s sleep!  We understand that your mattress selection depends on personal preference which is why we leave the selection and purchase up to you.  Mattresses that are made using high-quality memory foam or latex and that have a few layers of memory foam or latex are suggestions.
  • The mattress should have a “base layer not to exceed 6 inches of thickness” to allow for the bend which is necessary for the full benefits of this new design of the adjustable bed.
  • DIMENSIONS: Bed base height is 16″.  Full base is 52.75″ wide x 74.75″ long.  KCE Bed has a weight limit of 600 lbs.