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  • KCE Queen; Lateral Sleep positioning adjustable bed base with a wireless remote control system (White)
  • Prototype of the new design of the adjustable bed base for Home Health

KCE Bed, Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed, in Queen Size – White base

    • KCE Queen Size Lateral Sleep Position Adjustable Base with a wireless remote control system (White) for Home Health.
    • KCE Bed is the new design for the adjustable bed for Home Health.  Invented to promote wellness and comfortable lateral sleep positioning.  This adjustable bed designed for lateral sleep positioning accommodates left or right side sleepers.
    • If you are a left side sleeper, as most of us are, the left side sleeping angle is placed at the headboard and if you are a right side sleeper the right side sleeping angle is placed at the headboard.
    • KCE Bed adjusts the elevation of the mattress from side to side for your effortless side sleeping comfort.
    • As our body rests against the back side mattress the embrace-like sensation calms anxiety.
    • As our body is aligned as the front side is elevated we are placed in an effortless lateral sleep position that promotes wellness.
    • The wireless remote-control system allows for adjustment of either side simultaneously or individually as you find your specific comfort position.
  • DIMENSIONS: Bed base height is 16″.  Queen base is 59.75″ wide x 79.75″ long.  KCE Bed has a weight limit of 600 lbs.