Sleep Essentials Inc. Build Your Own Latex Mattress Option

Good day everyone,

Wow, we found a build your own mattress company today while doing our sleep research.

Sleep Essential LLC has a division “Build Your Own Mattress”.  These mattresses are made of high quality latex.  What a great addition to a KCE Bed purchase.

These high quality latex mattresses are 9″ thick and are created with three layers each 3″ thick.  Attached for your review is the owner of Sleep Essentials, Lee Carter, demonstrating his mattress options:

These Build Your Own Mattress options will function optimally with KCE Bed as these mattresses are built with layers and no layer is thicker than our 6″ limit.  Enjoy your side sleep experience on KCE Bed and a Sleep Essentials Build Your Own Latex Mattress.




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