Sleep positions that make snoring worse

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We did some research today on what sleep positions “cause” snoring.  We came up with the following 2 articles published by the sleep foundation.

Here is a quote from this first article published by the

“Adjusting your sleeping position: Sleeping on your back makes it easier for your airway to become obstructed. It may take time to get used to a different position, but it can be a helpful change. Specialty devices may help9, or some experts recommend sewing a tennis ball into the back of a shirt so that you can’t revert to sleeping on your back.”,lead%20to%20or%20worsen%20snoring%20in%20some%20individuals.

We do not recommend sewing a tennis ball to the back of your pajama shirt so you don’t sleep on your back.  We recommend simply sleeping on your side on a KCE Bed.

Here is a quote from this second article published by the

Snoring occurs more often when you are laying on your back, also called supine position. When you are on your back, gravity pulls the tissues surrounding your airway downward, which makes the airway more narrow. Research on snorers has shown that the frequency and intensity of snoring decreases in some patients when they lay on their side10, also called lateral position.”

We agree that sleeping in the lateral position (side sleeping) is a great way to lessen snoring and other sleep disturbing issues.  We hope you enjoy the amazing comfort of the side sleeping bed, KCE Bed.

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