Thank You Current Customers! Adjustable Bed, Mattress Reviews, Bed News

Good day everyone,

We want to say Thank You to our current customers!  We appreciate the word of mouth advertising that you are providing for KCE Bed!!  Here at KCE Bed by Kind and Ethical Inc. we are grateful to be able to share our invention, the redesigned adjustable bed for side sleep, with You!

This journey is proving to be very interesting in deed!

When we were in the research and development stage of our side sleeping adjustable bed invention, we thought it was best to include a mattress with the bed’s base.  We were having a conversation with our partner mattress manufacturer one day and they advised us that they felt there were many mattresses on the market today that would function correctly with our unique designed base.  So we decided to update our product line to the base only and describe to our customers the specific mattress ‘build’ that would function correctly with the KCE Bed.

We were genuinely surprised to see, that within 1 week’s time there were many mattress reviews published on the internet that described mattresses that are not actually available for purchase.  These reviews used all of our ‘internet advertising search engine words’ which resulted in our product being hidden from view on sites such as Google, Bing, etc. etc.

You see, the mattress reviews that are published online are actually published by the mattress manufacturers.  The review sites are owned by various large bed and mattress corporations.  These reviews are not published by independent third parties.

We are determined to continue to work ethically advertising the KCE Bed to You, the general public.

We appreciate all of our current customers and trust that your word of mouth advertising will continue to increase our positive reputation in the marketplace.  Thank you for the positive messages you are providing to others on our amazing new product, the side sleeping adjustable bed, KCE Bed!

“When we sleep in our body’s natural side sleep position, we are more comfortable.  When we are more comfortable, we get a better night’s sleep.”  Gavin Wilson

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