What is the best bed for side sleepers?

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We found an article on bing.com, published by the Sleep Foundation, on the best mattresses for side sleepers.  The side sleeping bed, KCE Bed, is not discussed in this article.  Oh my goodness, we simply must get the word out about this amazing new product.  KCE Bed, the only side sleeping bed, and it is an adjustable bed too!

As you read this article keep in mind that there are a great many mattresses on the market today that function optimally with KCE Bed.  Any mattress made of high quality latex or memory foam with a base supporting layer 6″ or less.  The mattresses in this article all seem to be hybrid mattresses.  We have found that mattresses with a base layer thicker than 6″ and any hybrid mattresses do not allow for the embrace-like sensation that is a critical benefit of the sleep experience provided by KCE Bed.

We have the Therapedic Theracool mattresses on our KCE Beds and simply love them.  These mattresses are manufactured in Tampa Florida and currently can be purchased at Kane’s Furniture.

Quote from this sleepfoundation.org article: 

Written by   Austin Meadows

Medically Reviewed by   Jenny Iyo

Sleeping on your side is considered to be the most common sleeping position. Side sleeping also has major benefits including reduced back pain, improved breathing, and better digestion. However, side sleepers often experience shoulder pain and lower back pain if their mattress is unsupportive or uncomfortable. The type of mattress you sleep on directly affects how much support and comfort you get each night.


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