The Emotional Health Benefits of an Embrace

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We all know that a hug or embrace has a calming effect on our emotional well being.  Currently we are researching articles for our blog that speak to this comfort factor.  The KCE Bed provides and embrace-like sensation that is comforting.  As a matter of fact, that is the exact reason Mary Ann created KCE Bed, for the embrace-like quality.  The side sleeping health & wellness benefits are a bonus as far as she is concerned.

Enjoy this article published by on the positive benefits of hugs (embrace sensation):

Some text from the article linked above:

1. Hugs reduce the level of depression

Hugging is an exquisite gift to reduce the level of stress or depression. In psychology, to treat someone with love, respect and care are more than medications. We see that, when we are sad, happy, or feel low or want to comfort. Hugging It seems, is universally comforting for every individual.

Scientists say, that giving support to someone through touch or a hug can reduce the level of pain, stress and depression of the person being comfort. It even comforts and makes feel good in their life.

Make sure that, if you see your family or people around you in pain or depression hug them. They feel thrilled and they will hug you when you need.

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