The Side Sleeping Bed, KCE Bed, Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed

Side Sleeping Bed
The authentic side sleeping bed, KCE Bed

Did You Know that Side Sleeping is the #1 Natural Sleep Position as Described by Doctors and Scientists?

As we sleep in our body’s natural side sleep position we are more comfortable.  When we are comfortable we get a better night’s sleep.  KCE Bed’s unique design provides for effortless side sleep plus an embrace-like sensation as the sleeper’s back is supported resting against the mattress.

Effortless side sleeping on KCE Bed eases the following sleep disturbing issues and provides wellness for your mind/body/spirit:
  • Snoring       
  • Sleep Apnea       
  • Acid Reflux       
  • Heartburn       
  • Body Cleanse       
  • High Blood Pressure       
  • Body Aches
  • Anxiety       
  • Depression       
  • Stress       
  • Worry       
  • Restlessness       

In the 1970s, as watching TV and reading in bed increased in popularity, adjustable beds were introduced into the residential market.  While users could adjust the angle of their heads and feet, the beds promoted back sleeping, doing little to ease a myriad of health problems known to negatively impact sleep.

Introducing KCE Bed, the side sleeping adjustable bed created for your wellness sleep!

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