KCE Bed Warranty
Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed

The Kind Cuddle Embrace Bed (referred to as KCE Bed for the remainder of this warranty document) is an adjustable bed base that provides a side-sleep position with an embracing effect. The KCE Bed is designed to be used or stored indoors in a climate-controlled area. The sole purpose of the KCE Bed is for sleep and rest in the lateral sleep position.

The KCE Bed is a quality product.  We want you to be pleased with your purchase for many years.  If you have an issue with your KCE Bed, please contact us at Info@kcebed.com.   

This Limited Bed Warranty extends to KCE Beds sold in the United States (not including US territories) and purchased directly from Mary Ann Schell and/or Gavin Wilson.  All KCE Bed warranties are valid only for the period of time the KCE Bed is owned by the original purchaser. For the purposes of the KCE Bed warranty, the original purchaser is the first purchaser of the KCE Bed.

If you are not the original purchaser of this product, you take product “as is” and “with all faults.” We require proof of purchase from you demonstrating that you are the original purchaser and are eligible to make a valid claim under this Warranty. Please retain your original receipt as proof of purchase.

All KCE Bed warranties are non-transferable. In no instance will this warranty cover any damage attributable to misuse or to normal wear and tear or to excessive weight placed upon the product.

The KCE Bed Base Five-Year Limited Warranty is as Follows:

The Limited Warranty covers the following instances during normal use:

Normal use of the KCE Bed base is as a sleep or rest product.  Warrantied is any product flaw in the craftsmanship of the base structure and/or pre-assembly.  We may repair or replace the base.  The replacement base, if provided as a warranty, will be of the current style which may be of a different color, design, or material than the original base.  The base wooden slats and mounting brackets are covered for defect or failure caused by defect.  Contact us about concerns regarding these parts by emailing Info@kcebed.com.

This limited warranty does not cover:

  • Normal standard wear and tear
  • Product misuse, abuse or damage
  • Rust, corrosion or discoloring

The KCE Bed Five-Year Limited Parts Warranty is as Follows:

Electrical parts are warranted against defects in the workmanship or materials for a period of five-years from the warranty commencement date (purchase date).

During these five years of the warranty, the entire product is covered with regards to the following: factory supplied electronics, electrical components, drive motors and power supply components.

Upon notice during the first five years we will send replacement parts to the purchaser, at no cost, in order to replace any such defective part. 

Each and every warranty request will be individually evaluated for validity and solution. 

KCE Bed undertakes no responsibility except as otherwise provided in this warranty.  There are no warranties that extend beyond the description provided.